The Sagittarius Mysteries

A Thrilling Science fiction Mystery Series

The Chronicles

Part 1 - Inner Vision


Sagittarius's eccentric behaviour and brilliance comes to the attention of The Organisation - a group of individuals with only one objective - power!

Their plan is to infiltrate British Intelligence, and to gain access to the secret technology held within it. They are devious, without any scruples, and will stop at nothing in their quest for absolute control.


Can Sagittarius stop them before it is too late...

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Part 2 - Revolver


Sagittarius continues to battle with the Organisation, whose relentless desire for power and control knows no bounds.


With a pandemic looming, and both the Secret Service and Government appearing to be compromised, they are on the verge of success.


There is only one man who can stand in their way...


Available in ebook format price £1.99

Part 3 - Paradox


Sagittarius now finds out the true nature of the Organisation and what they intend to do, and more importantly, how they intend to do it. All of the coincidences which keep on happening to him have begun to fall into place, and paint a less than rosy picture.


It has been one thing to solve the mystery, but can he prevent them from finally achieving their aims.


Only time will tell...


Available in ebook format price £1.99

Parts 1 - 3 - Secret Enemy


Sagittarius discovers that the Organisation - a group of power hungry individuals have embarked on a plan for world domination. 


Most of the Secret Service has already been compromised and it is up to him to try and stop them.


Can he do it and solve the mystery...


Available in ebook format price £3.99

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