The Elphame Chronicles

An Epic Fantasy Adventure

The Elphame Chronicles.jpg

The Elphame Chronicles


A scintillating epic fantasy.


There are myths and there are legends, but none compare to those of the land of Elphamia...


The whole series is a journey into the esoteric world of myth and legend, where mystical creatures fight out the eternal battle between good and evil.


The characters are based on those of mythology, with a strong moral tale of the teachings of a lost world of Elves, Faeries, Pixies, Unicorns, and Griffins, along with Dragons and other creatures such as the sacred Hare or Elphin Rabbit.


The Chronicles are the adventures of one Elphin Rabbit who rises up to become King, fulfilling his destiny, as he battles with a creature know only as The Self Appointed One, who has brought darkness to the Kingdom of Elphamia. His evil ways have changed the natural order and balance of life bringing fear where there was only love.


It is a story of spiritual enlightenment, revealing those hidden truths, concealed under the false beliefs of power and greed which have today taken us from our true path.


Life is one big adventure and we are here to learn life’s truths, and for one Elphin Rabbit, his truths are about to transform a kingdom.


This enthralling seven part fantasy adventure story rivals its contemporaries such as The Hobbit, to provide a spellbinding read…

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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