The Cydonian Legacy

A Thrilling Epic Science Fiction Adventure

Image courtesy of NASA

The Cydonian Legacy


A thrilling dystopian epic science fiction adventure...


The planet Mars or Aires as it is otherwise known, has often been linked to the god of war, and with its two moons being named Phobos (panic, fear) and Deimos (terror, dread) they combine to provide a very unpleasant scenario.


No one knows for certain why they were given these names, although there are references to them in the ancient Roman, Greek and Sumrian texts. Even Adolf Hitler searched for the lost Arian race, and it is no wonder that the barren red planet has captivated the minds of people over the centuries.


Many unmanned missions have been launched, and evidence of a once Earth like climate along with water have been discovered. However, that has not been all!


Artificial structures have also been photographed, such as pyramids and walls along with what looks like a face. Many argue that they are just tricks of the light or just natural contors that appear to be artificial.


The only way that real answers can be gained is by sending a manned mission, although Edward Buck Rodgers may have the answers hidden somewhere in the depths of his mind.


Suffering from amnesia, he is having flashbacks and does not know why he gained his nickname or why everything seems alien to him. There is only one man who can help and that is Herman Spink, Clinical Psychologist.


Can he unlock his patients mind, and if he does, what secrets will be revealed...


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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