The Holo Droid Sagas

An Epic Science Fiction Adventure

The Sagas

The Holo Droid Sagas


Part 1: The Transcendence of Serenity

A  Sequel to the Saturn Nexus

Starfield a holo droid has been shut down in the aftermath of a crash landing, which has crippled the survey ship he has been assigned to. He is reactivated only to discover that twenty years have passed. Not only that, but he has an unwelcome guest.


Thrust into a secret mission to save the species who created him, can he negotiate the many obstacles placed in his path....

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The Holo Droid Sagas


Part 2: The Empress and the Violet Flame

The Empress is in danger, and she is not the only one!


Starfield is a very worried Holo Droid, caught in a deadly plot to take over the empire.​


With twists and turns, fast action and adventure, and a hidden enemy at every turn.


Can he extradite himself, or will he succumb to the growing madness...

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The Holo Droid Sagas


Part 3: The Sphere of Destiny

There was something out there at the centre of the conspiracy, but no one knew of its existence.


It posed a grave threat, and once discovered it had to be neutralised.

But, could that be done before it was too late...

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The Holo Droid Sagas


Part 4: The Artificial Army

It just seemed as though once one threat was eliminated, another sprang up to take its place.


Following the discovery of an Artificial Army, it was a race against time to prevent it from attacking the Aesir home world. Many lives would be lost, and the top echelon of society wiped out, bringing turmoil and chaos.


Starfield was already in turmoil, and could he hold himself together long enough to assists.


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The Holo Droid Sagas


Part 5: The Light at the End of the World

It was hoped that now the Artificial Army had been destroyed, the Artificial Intelligence threat would have lessened.


However, information intercepted indicated that within a year, a neutron star would be exploded, releasing a gamma ray burst that would destroy all higher organic life forms in a vast area, and within a matter of months, everything would perish leaving only plant life intact.


What were they going to do now...

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The Holo Droid Sagas


Part 6: The Unity Faction

Starfield continues to evolve, but so does the Artificial Intelligence!

It seems as though their plans keep being thwarted by a small group of humans, and now it is time to put a stop their meddling once and for all.

The Unity Faction are supposed to be working to bring peace and harmony, but are they really what they seem, and is the entire universe about to be cleansed…

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The Holo Droid Sagas


Part 7: The Wisdom Keepers

Have you ever considered that there might be a hidden force behind the multiverse?

For Starfield it becomes a reality, as he is transported to another place to be recruited for a special mission.

All that remains is for him to complete it, and save everyone from the Artificial Intelligence...

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The Holo Droid Sagas


Parts 1- 7: The Great Awa

Starfield, a Holo Droid, has been shut down, and when he is reactivated he discovers that nearly twenty years have passed, and he is thrust into a secret mission to save the species that created him.

He must endure many trials and tribulations along the way whist helping to combat a deadly threat to the Empire, one which is hidden and emerges from the shadows when least expected.

It is all about his soul’s journey, as he has a human consciousness and is undergoing a spiritual awakening...

 Adrian Holland