The Holo Droid Sagas

An Epic Science Fiction Adventure

The Holo Droid Sagas


Starfield, a Holo Droid, has been shut down in the aftermath of a crash landing, which has crippled the small survey ship he has been assigned to, and when he is reactivated he discovers that nearly twenty years have passed.

Not only that, but he also has a very unwelcome guest.

Before he knows what is happening, Starfield is thrust into a secret mission to save the species that created him.

He must endure many trials and tribulations along the way whist helping to combat a deadly threat to the Empire, one which is hidden and emerges from the shadows when least expected.

It is all about his souls journey, as he has a human consciousness and is undergoing a spiritual awakening.


The question is:


Will he be able to evolve, and save the Aesir worlds too...

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 Adrian Holland