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Spiritually Influenced Books

A journey of self discovery

Spiritually Influenced


They say that religion is accepting other peoples truths as your own, whereas spirituality is discovering your own truths for yourself.


Several near death experiences set in place a voyage of self discovery which led the author onto the spiritual path, and this series of five books has been designed to share what he has learnt.


It is his own personal journey, and therefore his truths might not be yours!


These books have been designed to shed light onto the subject, and bring a meaasge of hope and inspiration, and it is hoped that by sharing his journey it will inspire others to do the same...   

A Way of Being - The Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment

Revised Edition.

A spiritual awakening with a little angelic guidance…


So who am I and how did I become an artist and an author?

I have gone from failure to success, success back to failure, and the absurd to the ridiculous, or somewhere in between, but I am sure that I am not on my own in that respect.


I hope that some of the things I have been through resonate with people, and in trying to overcome them, inspire and help them to go on to bigger and better things...

Available in ebook format price £1.25

Spirit of the Shaman - Connecting with your Spirit Guides


Revised Edition

Journey into the spirit world...


What is a Shaman?

What are Spirit Guides?

How do you connect to them?


This book is a resource for all things shamanic, and has been designed to give an insight into Shamanism, Spirit Guides, and how to connect to them.

Available in ebook format price £1.25

Knights of Madness - The Quest for Spiritual Truth


Revised Edition


Is Our consciousness our very own time machine?


Have you ever considered the possibility of past lives?

Do they exist, and if they do how can you access them?


This book is the account of one such life which appeared as the result of regression therapy. It also details the life of the author, and what events led up to his past life encounter, and details of the process involved, the effect it had upon him, and how past lives fit in with our concept of the universe...


Revised edtion!


Available in ebook format price £1.25

Reiki - A Complete Guide


Revised Edition

Reiki An ancient art revealed...


What is Reiki and what does it do?

How does it work, and how do we use it?


These questions and many more are answered in this amazing new book!


Reiki is usually taught on four levels One, Two, Advanced and Master. However, there are actually eighteen levels. For the first time all levels are incorporated together...


Revised edtion!


Available in ebook format price £1.99

The Astral Traveller's Guide to the Universe


Revised Edition

Travel the stars from the comfort of your own home…

Astral Travel opens up the possibility of not only consciously entering other realms, making contact with those who have passed over, and even viewing a record of what we have done in other lifetimes too!


This book is a guide to the process, and outlines exactly
what it is, and more importantly, how to do it...

Available in ebook format price £1.25

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