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A Way of Being - The Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment


A spiritual awakening with a little angelic guidance…


This book introduces the reader to the subject of angels. It is also a semi-autobiography which details how the author became an angel artist.


Angels are there to guide us and help us on our life's path, and to open up a doorway to the spirit world. Beautifully illustrated it is an ideal companion for the Angel Intuition/Colour Therapy card deck, which is available separately.


Revised edition!


Available in ebook format price £1.99

Spirit of the Shaman - Connecting with your Spirit Guides


A Journey into the spirit world...


What is a Shaman?

What are Spirit Guides?

How do you connect to them?


This book is a resource for all things shamanic, and has been designed to give an insight into Shamanism, Spirit Guides, and how to connect to them.


Revised edition!


Available in ebook format price £1.99

Knights of Madness - The Quest for Spiritual Truth


This Our consciousness is our very own time machine...


Have you ever considered the possibility of past lives?

Do they exist, and if they do how can you access them?


This book is the account of one such life which appeared as the result of regression therapy. It also details the life of the author, and what events led up to his past life encounter, and details of the process involved, the effect it had upon him, and how past lives fit in with our concept of the universe...


Revised edtion!


Available in ebook format price £1.99

Reiki - A Complete Guide


Reiki An ancient art revealed...


What is Reiki and what does it do?

How does it work, and how do we use it?


These questions and many more are answered in this amazing new book!


Reiki is usually taught on four levels One, Two, Advanced and Master. However, there are actually eighteen levels. For the first time all levels are incorporated together...


Revised edtion!


Available in ebook format price £1.99

The Astral Traveller's Guide to the Universe


Travel the stars from the comfort of your own home...


Is there such a thing as Astral Travel?

If Astral Travel really does exist, then how do you do it?


This book is a guide to the process of Astral Travelling, and outlines exactly what it is, and more importantly, how you do it!


Once you learn how to Astral Travel, it will change your whole way of thinking, and indeed your whole life...


Revised Edition!


Available in ebook format price £1.99

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