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Spirit of the Shaman

Spirit of the Shaman


A resourse for all things Shamanic


The word shaman brings visions of someone dancing around a fire in the dark wearing a mask and an elaborate costume shaking bones in some sort of ritual accompanied by rhythmic drumming. It is also associated with some form of black magic, and is portrayed as being evil in some way. This is however far from the case, as the whole philosophy of true shamanism is to help others by either offering healing or spiritual guidance. This is done by using a set of techniques to expand their conscious awareness allowing them to engage in visionary journeys into the Spirit World. Here they connect with spirits from the Natural World, Ascended Masters, their Ancestors and the Angelic Realm, and even Spirit itself.


The myths around shamanism have not been helped as sadly there are those who do not live up to the highest ideals of the practice.


There are those who do delve into the dark arts sending curses to make people sick, causing misfortune and even death. They make themselves available for hire and are concerned with reputation and self importance. This is all about ego and shows up several character floors, and they are nothing more than competitive attention seekers. Unfortunately these people do exist and have caused a great misunderstanding to spread about shamanic practice. What they do not realise is that eventually they get consumed by all of the negativity they generate which destroys them. There is an old saying that what goes around, comes around, and it does rebound upon them. There is no way that anyone should ever do anything like this as it goes completely against any moral standing. If you have any natural or learnt talents then they should only be used for good purposes. If the person is unable to do this for one reason or another, then they should not practice at all until they have learnt to use their skills, gifts and talents wisely for the good of others.


There are however, those who dedicate themselves to working hard to help others, and do not seek remuneration. They are kind, caring, compassionate, and generous, and make good teachers. This is what anyone who practices or wishes to practice shamanism should be like. There is no greater reward than to help others, and in return you help yourself to become a better person. If you are centred in a place of love, then this love not only flows from you, but also back to you. There is no negativity or fear and only good things spread to all of those concerned. It is all about doing things for the right reasons, and following the heart which requires a natural ability and a self discipline along with the help and guidance of the higher levels of the spirit world.


We all have a collection of spiritual helpers and teachers who are around us all of the time. It is in connecting with them that is the true meaning of the word shaman.


These helpers only have our very best interests at heart, and are not there to judge, condemn, or criticise us in any way. They know that there is no such thing as constructive criticism, only lessons for us to learn, and it is through these that we become who and what we are.


Once we invite our spirit helpers and teachers into our lives, and ask them to provide us with guidance and wisdom, power and protection, information and support, our whole life changes. It has been estimated that nearly half of the population has had a spiritual experience at some point in their lives, which has expanded their consciousness.

It could be said that this has helped us to remember that we are in fact seeds of light, travelling amongst the stars, accompanied and protected by spiritual guardians. These guardians help us to navigate the celestial map travelling across the plains of experience.


This is how we awaken, and our life experiences bring us in contact with the spiritual realms, and those of us who have already achieved this know that this journey only becomes possible via the doorway of the heart, and whatever you believe in, this is always the case.


Shamanism is a way to help you make the connection to the spirit realm and identifying your helpers as you proceed on your life’s journey.

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