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Spirit of the Shaman

Shamanism is the world's oldest healing tradition and is found in all cultures of the world.


Shamans work with their allies the Spirit Guides, and here is a selection.


Spirit Guides

The Ancestor


An ancestor is guide who has some sort of kinship with you, and may be someone who has passed over recently or maybe in your distant past. They are seen as reincarnated guides because they are the spirits of someone who loved us during their physical lifetime, or who had some sort of blood connection to our family. Some people, depending on their religious upbringing, may see these types of guides as guardian angels. Ancestor spirits are all around us, although they only come into our world when they chose to.


Many cultures believe that their ancestors have great authority, having special powers to influence the course of events or to control the well being of their living relatives, and act as intermediaries between them and the rest of the spirit world. Protection of the family is one of their main concerns, and ancestor worship is the one of the oldest and most basic religious beliefs.


Ancestor guides grant us protection, wisdom and honour, and maintain a connection to us after they have departed this realm.


The Angel


Angels are spiritual beings of light energy full of peace,harmony and joy. They are the most powerful and most evolved beings closest to what we refer to as the Divine Creator of all that is. Their high level of frequency enables them to have the highest level of unconditional love possible. Angels are all around us everyday and in everyway, protecting and wrapping us in their wings, and when you need them, they are only a thought away.


Angelic beings are messengers connecting us to the spiritual realms, especially in times of difficulty. They will never abandon you, and are here to help and support us on our spiritual path filling us with feelings of love, peace, joy and support. They help us to open our hearts and minds of the knowledge that there is only love, and lift the veil as we open our minds to their existence and love.


The Ascended Master


Ascended Masters are spiritual beings who have previously had earthy incarnations. They were people of a spiritual nature who have had the knowledge of every human experience possible. They have released themselves of all levels of personal karma and crossed to a higher level of evolvement, in other words achieved enlightenment.


The journey of an ascended master is one of true dedication, where they have had to make great sacrifices in order to achieve their great wisdom. Their role is to help guide us to reach their level of spiritual consciousness, and through them we find the same spiritual doorway to enlightenment. They also show us unconditional love and solar consciousness together with their great wisdom and understanding.


The Bear


The Bear is the largest of carnivores but also eats fruits, plants, and nuts. There are many species of bear, with the most common being the black bear. However not all back bears are black, as they can also be brown or cinnamon in colour. The Alaska brown bear is the largest of the bears, and the grizzly is a relative of the brown bear and is known for its aggression and temper.


The bear is renowned for its strength and power of contemplation and the ability to look within. The bear represents the inner-knowledge of dreams and visions, and teaches us to go within to solve problems and promote healing, seeking knowledge and wisdom through meditation and dreams.


It enables greater contemplation particularly during the winter months which are a time to study and prepare for the coming year. The bear is also about nature, balance and healing, and the coming spring which will provide new ideas and opportunities.


The Buffalo


The buffalo is a large mammal weighing well over a ton. It has a massive curly head, humped shoulders and shaggy hair, and can be unpredictable and dangerous, and is a symbol of abundance. At one time the buffalo thrived in a land of plenty but was reduced in number by greed and ignorance, and brings a message of grace, giving thanks for all we have.


It is about recognising the great spirit in all things and getting involved with life, having trust and faith, and letting go of the things that you no longer use. These also include old attitudes that no longer serve your highest good and about being balanced within. In some ways it is about releasing negative ways and feelings and gaining a greater community spirit and helping others for your own spiritual enlightenment.


The Butterfly


The butterfly is a flying insect usually having striking colours and beautiful patterns on their wings. Butterflies have four wings and six legs, and develop through a process called metamorphosis, a Greek word meaning transformation or change of shape. The four stages of butterfly are egg, larvae, pupa and then butterfly.


The butterfly represents the cycles of life, movement and change, and the passage through the four seasons, and the various phases of the sun and moon. It is all about change and transformation, and although the butterfly has a short life span, their message teaches us how to live each moment to the full.


The butterfly prepares us for change and progress, and when life becomes stagnant and you are unable to move forward, evolution enters the picture and gives you the impetus to initiate change and progress. Fear and discomfort are the major reasons for change, along with dissatisfaction with life, work, and relationships. If you listen to the butterfly’s message, you can prepare for change before it is forced upon you and offers closure and new beginnings.


The Deer


There are several species of deer and each species has its own special qualities and characteristics, with the males developing antlers. These antlers are solid bone which is shed, and re-grow bigger each year. The antlers that are shed are eaten by the deer themselves and rodents gnaw on them for their calcium. A female deer gives birth to one to two young a year, and their colour and markings protect and hide them from predators.


The message of a deer is to use less force, and to know when the right time is to confront an enemy, or to know when to walk away. It is about being alert to danger, and looking before you leap. A deer also signifies compassion and forgiveness, and the ability to learn how to trust, and to cultivate new friendships and ideas. It is about trying something new, taking time to heal, and cultivating your inner knowing.


The Dolphin


Dolphins are mammals of the sea, are warm blooded, nurse their young, and give birth to one baby at a time called a calf. They are very intelligent social beings who live in groups called pods. Dolphins are very adapted to their life in the ocean and have powerful tails and pectoral flippers, which are used to steer them through the water and to stroke one another. Stroking helps them to develop strong social bonds, and a sense of community is one of their main strengths.


Dolphins breath through their blowhole, located at the top of their heads, and the power of breath is the message of the dolphin. The dolphin can be very beneficial and symbolic to people with lung and breathing problems. Many people teach the sacredness of sound and breath, and the dolphin message teaches us of specific breathing techniques that can encourage manifestation of our goals and objectives. They will link you to your primordial beginning, and establish a psychic connection to all your relations, and are peacemakers that can bring friendship, calm and joy to others.


The Dove


The dove has always been the universal symbol of peace and goodwill, and there are many varieties of doves throughout the world. White doves are a type of pigeon, and are social birds that live in colonies. They have a lifespan of up to fifteen years and once they mate, they mate for life and care for their family together. 


To the early Greek and Romans the dove represented devotion and love. The Chinese believe that they represent long life and peace. This bird was sacred to Aphrodite and Venus, the goddess of love. The Bible referred to the dove as a bird representing love, fidelity, honesty and loyalty. When the dove carrying the olive branch showed up to Noah on the ark, it was symbolic of the group finding land and a new home. To the Christian of today the dove represents the Holy Spirit. The dove's message is one of peace, harmony and good will. It gives us a message of hope, faith, trust, and love, and is a sign that the Holy Spirit is with us forever.


The Eagle


The majestic bald eagle is found throughout North America and the word bald means white and not hairless. All eagles have excellent eyesight, and see both forward and to the side at the same time. Their vision is at least four times that of a human, and their ability to soar to great heights makes them a symbol of freedom, honour, spirituality, and respect.


The eagle is a symbol of the United States of America and to the Native Americans the eagle represents the Great Spirit. The feathers are sacred and have been used in objects since early times, and are also used in healing and ceremonies. The message of the eagle is one of maintaining balance and to recognise the connection with all things. When an eagle enters your life a whole new dimension opens up for you, and your perception and understanding of spirituality increases allowing you to make contact with the spirit in all things.The eagle is also associated with swiftness, strength, courage, wisdom, and the illumination of spirit.


The Fairy


The fairy world is very closely related to nature and as such fairies andthe animal spirit guides tendto work very closely together. Fairies have a little more personality and difference of focus than animal guides however both take on the role of caretakers of nature. Whilst the animal spirit guides tend to take on more of the different aspects of personality in nature akin to their earthly characteristics, fairies tend to take on the aspects of plants and minerals.


They have a sense of connection within the world, innocence, physical sensitivity, astral travel, lucid dreams and vision quests, and are Mother Earth's children. They are her caretakers and hold the key too many of the mysteries of life and nature. They stimulate intuition, creativity, and artistic energies. They also hold the secrets to the healing powers of plants, stones, and all of nature. If we open ourselves to them, they will bless our lives many times over.


The Leopard


The Leopard possesses many animal virtues, and the power of the Leopard will enhance you own personal power and self-confidence, gracefulness and stealth. They are reserved and dignified animals and do not represent flashiness or flamboyance.


They are strong and silent, moving with grace and stealth. The leopard knows how to position himself to his own best advantage before acting, and will give you the ability to seem to disappear when you care to, so that attention is directed elsewhere, allowing you to prepare unobserved for the timely display of your powers.


The leopard is also highly adaptable, able to live successfully in almost any terrain, from the deserts to the mountains and forests of the world. He will bring you this strength, so that you will find yourself quickly at ease even in new circumstances. Just take a deep breath of leopard energy and you will feel instantly at home, no matter where you are.


The leopard will also fill you with physical health and vitality bringing you his agile grace, whether it is required to climb the tree or swim the river. Wherever you need to be, you will do well, for the leopard knows no boundaries.


The Owl


The owl is a creature of the night and of darkness, and there are over 100 species in the world. It has excellent eyesight and its hearing is just as keen. Owls cannot move their eyes but their neck is flexible and gives them a wide range of peripheral vision, and represents your sub-conscious and that which is hidden. Some Native Americans refer to the owl as the Night Eagle, and associate it with the Moon and the Goddess energies.


The owl’s message is to pay attention to your dreams and feelings, and to question your fears and act on your intuition. Focus on our intentions and move swiftly toward your goals and objectives. Be silent and conserve your energy until you are ready to act with undivided attention. If you are experiencing problems and uncertainty, take some time out to confront your fears and confusion. The owl teaches us not to fear the dark or unknown, and to explore your inner world with confidence, and to work on developing clairvoyance. The connection with the Moon’s energy generates the power to make positive changes and to take a voyage of self discovery.


The Black Puma


The black puma is an aggressive member of the cat family, and although generally smaller than the lion and tiger it is a more fearsome predator. They are very strong and stalk their prey until they get within striking distance. A favourite trick is to wait in a tree until its prey passes before an attack. The puma can show great patience while waiting, and has always been associated with mysticism, the dark of the moon and the night. We have a primitive fear of the dark, and we must move beyond this if we are to understand the power of puma and its dark beauty.


The message of the puma is to make the night your friend, and to make yourself familiar with night animals. Work through your fears and plan your objectives carefully before you engage in them, and do not be afraid of power. The black puma is symbol of the feminine understanding, as it is connected with Moon energies, and reclaiming your power. It is also a symbol of death and rebirth, and signals a change form one phase of your life to the beginning of another.


The Rabbit


Rabbits usually appear between dawn and dusk and stay close to the edge of the forest, and at the slightest sound disappear into the undergrowth. The Egyptians associate them with being, while in China, where it is one of the astrological animals, it is associated with good fortune and the Moon. People born under its sign are believed to be sensitive and artistic. In many Native American traditions the rabbit is understood to be the fear caller, as it warns of approaching danger.


The rabbit teaches us that we create our lives with our thoughts and feelings, and that which we create in our internal world is mirrored in our external world. This is an important lesson as we should focus on the positive and on realising our dreams, as our thoughts have energy. A focused intention creates a vibration which will help that thought to become reality. All too often we focus on what we do not want to happen instead of what we do want. It is important to bring our fears out into the open and treat them with tenderness as we would treat a frightened child, as this is how we act when we are in fear.


The rabbits ability to alert us to danger, shows us that we have the power to create with our thoughts, to be conscious of them, to be focused on our dreams, and to not allow ourselves to be distracted from our intentions, or to be distracted by fear from realising our dreams.

The Rabbit is also associated with movement in life, sensitivity, artistic endeavours and fertility.


The Squirrel


The squirrel is a member of the rodent family, and there are two main types of squirrel, the red and the grey. The grey squirrel is the most common and found in the cities, while the red squirrel is found in the forests and woods. There is also a black squirrel which is an aggressive strain of the grey squirrel, as well as flying squirrels which do not actually fly. The skin of the flying squirrel stretches enabling it to glide from tree to tree. The squirrel has a lot of nervous energy but is sociable and loves to chatter. It spends a lot of time gathering and storing food which it locates later because of its keen sense of smell.


The squirrel’s message teaches us to plan ahead and prepare for the future, and save for a rainy day. We must put something away to help us get through the bad times and prepare for seasonal changes. However, if you have been hoarding things, get ready to release them. They also advise us that sometimes it may also be advisable to temporary withdraw from the world, count your blessings and wait for better times to arrive.


The Squirrel is also associated with solving puzzles, and when you withdraw it gives you the opportunity to consider all of the possibilities before making a decision, and the time to plan ahead.


The Stork


The stork carries a feminine or mothering energy, and is very attentive to its young. Everyone knows the fairytale about the stork delivering a baby to the front door, and when babies are born with red markings on the backs of their necks, they are affectionately known as stork bites. When the stork appears a birth or rebirth will soon happen. The stork is a bringer of new energies, and its appearance often precedes a new arrival within the family, which may or may not necessarily be a new baby. The stork teaches the value of family and the need to protect the family unit as a whole. When the stork appears you may need to reconnect with your roots, or strengthen family ties.


The stork signifies new beginnings and the birth of new ideas, and new ventures. It brings a sense of calm and peace through the process, and shows us how to carry this into all areas of our lives.


The Tiger


The tiger is the largest member of the cat family, and there are a number of species within the tiger group. This sleek, beautiful and powerful cat lives in tropical rainforests, mangrove swamps, and dry forests which gives it the cover it needs to stalk its prey. The striped pattern of each tiger are unique, and this individuality also spreads to the fact that it is a solitary animal, with males and female only coming together for mating. They exist in their own territory which seldom overlaps with another’s. Unlike most members of the cat family, tigers are good swimmers, and they will swim to search for prey or to avoid danger.


The tiger’s strength and beauty enables it to walking with confidence, and it brings a message of action, tenacity and self discipline, and the ability to focus on what is important. This strength promotes healing powers as the self confidence releases fear/stress which is the main cause of disease. Over time this will strengthen the immune system and bring good health.


The tiger is also associated with matters of the heart, and a love of nature.


The Unicorn


The unicorn is a mythical beast that resembles a horse with a horn attached to its forehead, and is often winged. The horn appears to be spiral which catches the suns rays giving the impression that the unicorn has an aura surrounding it. They are believed to live for hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of years, although there are few genuine facts known about them, other than they are a symbol of innocence and purity. Standing a little taller than a horse they are brilliant white in colour with a magnificent mane and tail which is translucent silver in colour.

The unicorn exists completely within faith and draws all of its powers from faith, and whenever you have doubt either in your own abilities or in the future outcome of something you desire, it will fill you with confidence. The unicorn will also bring you great powers of healing, and will unlock your own potential as a healer, allowing you to connect deeply with others and give them the guidance to open up their lives to love and peace.


The unicorn will also open your imagination, allowing you to see into the worlds of mystery and myth, unlocking your potential as a teller of tales and perceiver of truths that go beyond the ordinary and into the legendary.


The Wolf


The wolf is a carnivore and lives in many areas such as, thickets, holes, and caves called dens. Grey wolves can be found in Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska and Russia, as well as the Northern United States. A wolf requires at least 5 lbs of meat a day to survive however they do not eat everyday, and there are plenty of lean times before a feast of plenty. The wolf is an intelligent social animal with extremely keen senses, and the ability to survive depends on the total cooperation of the pack.


Wolves live in a hierarchical structure within an order of rank. The leader of the pack is called the Alpha male and his mate is called the Alpha female, and each wolf knows its place and responsibilities. They have a complex method of communication which involves body language and vocal skills. If you have a problem in  expressing your thoughts, needs or ideas to others, then the wolf’s message will teach you how to enhance your verbal communication skills with the appropriate body language.


The wolf’s message is one of power through co-operation to and share information. If a wolf has entered your life it is time to share your knowledge with others, and if there are any conflicts within your life, then it is time to meet the whole pack to resolve them. 








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