INTERSTELLAR - A Series of Science Fiction Adventure Stories - 6 Orillion Prime

An epic space opera, adventure…

This thrilling twelve part series combines aspects of mythology with new technology, as the human race evolves into its true Galactic Human form.

A black market in alien artefacts has blighted the ‘Terran Sector’, and smuggling operations are yet another headache for Mulligan to contend with. When a leading archaeologist disappears under mysterious circumstances, combined with an equally mysterious accident, it only adds to his problems.

Instead of spending two weeks on a ‘pleasure planet’ he now finds himself having to deputise for an injured colleague. It was bad enough having to watch the departing transport, let alone being left in the middle of nowhere. But the true purpose of his mission soon becomes apparent, when he is sent a disc containing some vital information. Can he solve the mystery, or more importantly, can he save his holiday…

Revised edition.

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