INTERSTELLAR - A Series of Science Fiction Adventure Stories - 2 - Cascade

An epic space opera, adventure…

This thrilling twelve part series combines aspects of mythology with new technology, as the human race evolves into its true Galactic Human form.

Following the advent of NASA’s $10 million ‘X’ prize for the first re-usable spacecraft, many would-be spacemen emerged from the proverbial ‘woodwork’. Most stood very little chance of success, but amongst their number there was one who did…

John Appleby, an amateur scientist, embarks on his mission with two very unusual passengers. Initially everything seems to be going well, before a sudden explosion sends a shower of burning metal junk into the satellite network. Fallout from their nuclear drives threatens to contaminate the Earth, and the only hope is to call for help, but who will hear his cries from the deepness of space?

Revised edition.

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