Spirit of the Shaman

Connecting with your Spirit Guides

Animal Gallery


A3 Bear

A4 Bear

A3 Deer

A4 Deer

A3 Tiger

A4 Tiger

A3 Squirrel

A4 Squirrel

A3 Butterfly

A4 Butterfly

A3 Owl

A4 Owl

A3 Leopard

A4 Leopard

A3 Rabbit

A4 Rabbit

A3 Puma

A4 Puma

A3 Wolf

A4 Wolf

Original Artist Prints are availanle in two sizes

A3 for just £14.99 (plus p & p)

A4 for just £9.99 (plus p & p)

Prints come in a white wood frame

with plasti-glass that can either be hung

on the wall or stand up on their own.

 Adrian Holland