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Nature/healing Sanctuary
and Studio

Nature/Healing Sanctuary

and Studio

Finally after eons of time the whole world has begun to change for the better, as the forces of light replace those of the dark. For the first time in history, humanity has the chance to fulfil its true destiny and become a kinder, more loving and compassionate species.

The arrival of the Quantum Financial System has now made it possible to throw off the chains of control and debt slavery, heal the traumas of the past, and look forward to a very bright future.

Some of us have been awaiting this change for their whole lives, preparing themselves and helping others in preparation for this transition. Over recent times, the Western World in particular has turned towards Eastern philosophies and practices, and has begun to explore the whole concept of spirituality, with the United Kingdom now officially classified as a multi-faith society.

These changes precipitated the interest in complementary medicine, which has led to the growth in alternative treatments and remedies, with the holistic market growing exponentially.

Emerging from the fear-driven world of the virus culture, many out there will need a lot of help in adjusting to the love-driven post virus future.

The overriding question that has to be answered is how?

Imagine discovering a little nature sanctuary, where wild animals and birds have found a safe haven, with a pond surrounded by wild flowers, bushes and trees. Somewhere where butterflies have settled, bees found endless supplies of nectar, somewhere not contaminated by chemicals or pesticides. A place where hedgehogs scurry about at night, whilst birds sleep safely in their nests, and not only the usual blackbirds, sparrows, tits and finches, but also pheasants, peacocks, ducks, woodpeckers, doves and many more.

How wonderful now that you have found this place to discover that it provides healing, painting and writing courses, where you can finally fulfil those ambitions that you have always had, but never quite had to time to pursue. Somewhere with that personal touch, where you are not stuck in a big group of other people and feel as though somehow you have been pushed aside.

You have always thought that you lacked the talent, and yet with some gentle encouragement you can actually paint something that you feel proud of, or make a start on that novel you have always dreamed of writing. Over the years you have often thought about helping others, and looked into healing courses, but for one reason or another that is as far as you have ever got.

Or maybe you just need some healing yourself...


To use my existing skills, gifts and talents as an artist, author and complementary therapist to provide a home for nature, and place where people can come to heal.


The main points of my proposal are:


  • Animal Rescue

  • Bird Sanctuary

  • Animal Healing

  • Rewilding

  • Complementary Therapies and Courses


It is envisioned that suitable land can be acquired - a few acres, where a bird and animal sanctuary can be set up, which also has a studio cabin so that I can pursue my artwork and writing. On site there will also be somewhere to conduct complementary therapies, as well as somewhere for the animals to live. Additionally, small stables to be rented out to provide additional income, and the land taken back to its natural state.

I plan to divide my time between helping the animals, healing, training, writing and painting, and I will be looking to recruit volunteers as well as additional therapist who will be able to rent out rooms to provide additional services and income.

Everything will be on a modest scale so that it will be easy to manage, and may either consist of wooden structures or maybe a small holding that can be easily converted.

I do have plenty of experience, and a little personal finance to contribute to the project, which I plan to manage on a charitable status.

Everything will be done in stages, and eventually when it is up and running there should be a steady stream of people and animals that will benefit from all that will be on offer, and most importantly to make a difference to all of their lives…

Current Status

A business plan has been submitted, and funding is pending.

An application for charitable status has been submitted.

Additional sponsorship is being sort... 

For further information please click on the link below

Adrian Holland

Reiki Master/Teacher

Colour and Animal Therapist

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